If you would like to contact me, I would be glad to hear from you. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Put-downs and sermons are not.

And, as stated elsewhere, please don't expect a personal reply. I rarely (in fact, next to never) use the e-mail for correspondence. However, if you have a question or comment that I believe warrants it, a reply will be posted in the Q&A section.

The best and fastest way to grab my attention is to have the first words of your message, or the 'subject' title, be "CHECKERBOARD" or "VOICES" or whatever section you wish to comment on or ask a question about. This way I know for sure that it is from a reader, and not just Spam or some other such nonsense.

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Please note that my server has a very strict Spam filter, and I have lost many e-mail messages because of it, (including rebates). So if you send anything that even looks like Spam, or has an attachment, I will never see it.

Any messages containing something vulgar or course (off-color or derogatory) I will delete without reading.

The link below should take you directly to Outlook Express (or whatever mail service you use). If your browser doesn't do so, just copy the address and replace the (at) with the usual @. Just another effort to throw off the spam robots that search the web for email addresses.

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If your mail provider will not work properly with the above link,
here is my address. Just change the (at) for @ and you
should have no problem.

tumbleweed (at) tumbleweed-2.info

A post script is warranted here I believe. If you would like to avoid having to type addresses to e-mail, try "Copy and Paste." Just block the address, then right-click and choose "copy." This process can also be used to quickly fill in the blank in Search Engines.

And if you wonder why I don't just make my address an active link, it's because Spam "Spiders" (I believe they are called) search these out. You might keep that in mind when you visit forums and such.


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