FAQ - The faq is that just about everything that needs to be said has been said elsewhere.

However, if something new comes along, this is where it will be spelled out.

In fact, this site is hardly more than a redundancy of what is available elsewhere, just presented with a different twist. Hopefully that little bit of a difference will be of help to someone who is having problems making a cerebral connection on a given topic. At least it's my two-cent effort.

Here is a FAQ, concerning browsers: All Browsers have their own idiosyncasies. Like us humans, they want to be the same as everybody else, but seen as different. We do that by appearances, and so do browsers. One will display text one size and font, another browser another size and font. One will show red as red, another as chartreuse. One will distort a page a particular way, another another way.

So, since most people use IE as their browser, I chose to build this site to be best viewed by Internet Explorer. Other browsers should have no trouble with text, or links, or any other important aspect of these pages. But colors, sounds, and the Marque may not function properly. However, as of this writing, this should effect only the Welcome page.

I have tried to keep the pages, as well as the site in general, just as simple as I can, for fast loading and for easy reading; But at the same time have it be easy to navagate, possess a little color and not be boring.

PRINTING FROM A BROWSER: My normal pages display and print text almost twice the size it was written, which is especially beneficial to those of us with failing eyesight; However a great deal of ink is wasted. This is why the Text Only pages were created.

For more about browsers, see About Brousers.

PRINTING is best accomplished from the Text Only pages which can be accessed by clicking the T at the top of each page.


A NOTE ON LINKS: On a site this size, with hundreds of links, it is near impossible to continually check each one to make sure it is still functioning. I check each link after I upload, but sometimes things happen later. If you find a link that fails, I would appreciate a note to that effect. Thanx.


REGARDING COPYRIGHT: my desire is that this material get out, whether for humanitarian reasons, or ego boosting. So these writings can be printed for your own use, but not mass printed. A line has to be drawn somewhere. And I would prefer that instead of giving a copy of these writings to someone, that the Web Site address be passed on.

And please give credit where due. If you pass on this info, pass the Web Site address with it.

That was the informal copyright. Following is the formal. Don't read it, it's boring stuff.

TUMBLEWEED Text, illustrations and cover art by Tumbleweed are the sole property thereof.

TUMBLEWEED printed by Tumbleweed Publications. email tumbleweed(at)oregonfast.net. All characters and their distinctive likeness thereof are the trademark TM of their respective owners and may not be used, duplicated, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without express written permission thereof. All contents copyright © 2006 by Tumbleweed. All locations, stories, situations and characters are fictional unless otherwise indicated

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