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A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. (Prov 20:11)



This section is for my own, personal use. It is a place where I can organize and store my thoughts and ideas for future studies. It is also a place where I can let off steam and express my frustrations (of which there are many) and organize my thoughts into a cohesive unit.

Many of these articles, I find as I reread them, (and occasionally as I am writing them) are obnoxious, boisterous and sound as if I am down on the world while thinking myself high 'n mighty and above it all. I am tempted to redo them and soften them up, and may do so in the future. But in the meantime I will allow my flaws and sins to remain exposed with full understanding that I may regret it later.

With the above in mind, please understand that while it is obvious that I have a hard spot on my heart for Theologians and the Pastors who blindly follow them; I also recognize that there are many who sincerely care about those who will follow their findings and sermons, and diligently seek the Truth. After all, many of them believed so firmly in what they wrote that they willingly died rather than recant.

Nor do I look down on the Pastors and Preachers who follow the statutes of the Theologians. It only makes sense that what they preach must fit into the dictates of that organization which they serve. However, there lies the dilemma - who is being served: the organization, the Theology, the People, or the Lord?

And I especially want to make it clear that I in no way look unfavorably on those who believe and study what their church espouses. We are not Theologians (though it seems as if I have placed myself in that position and think I am) and so we must humble ourselves and learn from those who claim to know and have access to the Truth- and hope we are not being deceived, because we will have to pay for our decision, no matter how sincere we have been in our choices.

I include in this acknowledgment those in cults, other religions, and even the world. We look on anyone who does not believe as we do as "wrong." But so do they look upon us in the same way. Each of us believes what we are taught to believe. Therefore we must be careful what we teach, and who teaches us.

And the only one who can teach us Truth, is Truth Himself - God.

By accident (and occasionally by design) I have come up with what I consider a jewel or two, which may be found hidden amongst the brambles of these pages. Primarily, however, serious studies, completed thoughts, entertaining anecdotes and creative commentaries will be found elsewhere and not in this section.

This said, proceed with caution and clarity - and an understanding and forgiving heart.




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